Clifton Construction Preconstruction & Value Engineering Process

As the costs of building materials continue to rise, it's more important than ever to get the most for your money when constructing a new building. Clifton Construction our General Commercial Contractors use a value engineering process and can often find ways of reducing costs without sacrificing value.


Clifton Construction has extensive experience and knowledge in pre-construction.

The intent is to work with the owner to deliver a satisfactory project that exceeds the owner's objectives. In addition to estimation, the team participates in design decisions, Construct-ability reviews, Entitlements, project schedule, Safety Analysis, Life Cycle cost and Value Engineering.

Value Engineering

Clifton Construction believes that the value engineering process provides the client with the most efficient method to meet the client's expectations and requirements.

Our team will work together to review each building system and component to make sure value, quality and life expectancy meet the needs of our clients.

The following three criteria will be considered before we make recommendations to our clients:

  • Cost - Reduction in cost to stay within budget without jeopardizing the value
  • Value - Higher quality may or may not add cost to the project but will add value
  • Life-Cycle - Long term cost