Design Build with Clifton Construction

Hiring an architect would seem the logical first step when having a new building constructed. Why get a general contractor involved until you know what you're building, after all?
Design-Build is based on Trust - Trust between the Owner and the Contractor, and trust between the Contractor and the Subs/Vendors.

As it turns out, there are several good reasons to involve a general contractor from the very beginning. Doing so can save you not only valuable time but potentially money too. That's why design-build services can be so beneficial.
Design-Build can take different shapes based on the Owner's needs. Some Owners may want the Contractor to hire the Architect and for all communication to flow directly through the Contractor. Another option is when the Owners hire the Architect and the Contractor and ask them to work together as a team. This is called Construction Manager at Risk.

Both approaches achieve the same result, which is to provide a facility that meets the Owner's needs while staying within the budget and on time.

Advantages of Using Design-Build Services

One Point of Contact

Design-build services help keep a project on schedule and within budget. Streamlining communication between client, contractor, and architect is a big part of this process. The process also allows the client a single point of contact, which frees up more of their time during the completion of the job.

Helps to Keep Project on Budget

Using design-build services helps keep your building project on schedule while ensuring it doesn't go over budget. Having the contractor involved from the design phase of a project gives the builder a better understanding of the project, which means there will be less need to modify existing plans as construction occurs.

Another benefit of having a contractor involved from the start of a project is that contractors, being the "boots on the ground," so to speak, often make more accurate initial estimates of costs than do architects. Having a more realistic idea of how much a project will cost allows the client to make more informed decisions regarding design and materials choices.

We will make several estimates during the design process to ensure the job won't go over budget.

Keeps Focus on Customer Needs

At Clifton Construction our general commercial contractors understand that every business, like every client, is unique. What may be of great importance to one owner may be of little to no importance to another. Clifton Construction will perform value estimates on various parts of the building, so the client can funnel more resources into a particular area if they choose.