Design Build with Clifton Construction

Design Build is based on Trust - Trust between the Owner and the Contractor, and trust between the Contractor and the Subs/Vendors.

Design Build can take different shapes based on Owners needs. Some Owners may want the Contractor to hire the Architect and for all communication to flow directly through the Contractor. Another option is when the Owners hire the Architect and the Contractor and ask them to work together as a team. This is called Construction Manager at Risk.

Both approaches achieve the same result, which is to provide a facility that meets the Owner's needs while staying within the budget and on time.


  • Design Build provides a single point of contact for the Owner. This allows the Owner to focus his time on his business.
  • Design Build Contractors are more accurate than Architects with their preliminary estimates which are the base line for the progress of the Design Development Phase.
  • During the Design Development Phase the Design Build Contractor will complete several estimates to track the budget. This enables the team will stay on budget.
  • Each Owner has priorities and special interest in the facility. The Design Build Contractor will do estimates and Value Engineering on different areas allowing the Owner to understand the cost of each area. This allows the Owner to focus the cost in his priority areas.
  • Since the Design Build Contractor is involved in the project from the beginning, there is an in depth understanding of the project reducing the need for change orders.
  • Communication between the Owner, Architect and Design Build Contractor improves the completion time of the project, speeds up solving challenges and allows the job to progress in a positive environment.
  • Design Build removes tension that typically occurs in bid contracts, allowing the Owner to focus on the positive aspects of the project.
  • Design Build creates a sense of ownership in the project for the Architect and Contractor. This increases commitment and dedication of the team and provides a higher quality job.
  • Design Build maintains an overall focus on costs allowing the owner to stay within budget. With hard bids, the design is already complete and redesign is often necessary after bids are received. This costs the Owner time and can ultimately sacrifice quality to get the job back on budget.