Clifton Construction- Where We Are Today


New construction can be a tedious venture. However daunting as it may seem, being involved in the the building process can be a rewarding experience and we help make clients' dreams a reality through our Design-Build process and Value Engineering services.

A design-build project is one where the design and construction take place simultaneously throughout the length of the contract. This process can help you save design time and money as contractors are often more accurate with preliminary estimates and value engineering alternatives are always up for discussion and analysis. Also, having the contractor involved in the process from the beginning provides a complete understanding of the project thus reducing the number of change orders.

By having our subcontractors price certain aspects of the project throughout the design process, we are able to sit down with the owner and provide a real budget based on a preliminary design and clarified assumptions. By showing the owner how and where their budget is being spent, we are able to determine what aspects of the building are most important to them and adjust accordingly.

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