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Augusta Regional Airport Baggage Handling Equipment Replacement and Interior Renovation was a federally funded project that was completed in multiple phases that required extensive coordination with the FAA, airlines, and airport operations to allow the airport to be completely operational during the construction phase. Clifton Construction provided construction management services which were broken up into two phases of construction; this included half of the ticketing area and half of the baggage claim terminal which allowed the airport to remain operational for the duration of the project.
Phase One included selective demolition services to remove existing finishes and baggage handling conveyor equipment which allowed us to provide new state-of-the-art baggage conveyor equipment, new paint, new LED lighting, and new flooring on one-half of the ticketing terminal and one-half of the baggage claim terminal of the airport.
Phase Two construction included the remaining half of the ticketing terminal and baggage claim terminal. The scope of work for the second phase included demolishing the existing lost baggage office and adding an oversized baggage slide area as an added luxury to the Augusta Regional Airport as well as building two new lost baggage offices for the airlines on each side of the baggage claim carousels that were replaced. We then removed the existing carpet tiles and installed new terrazzo flooring to match the existing terrazzo along the main airport corridor at the baggage claim terminal and replaced the remaining carpet tile flooring at the ticketing area, new paint finishes at the remaining areas at the baggage claim and ticketing terminals to match the finishes that were completed during phase one of construction. We also replaced the old ceiling tiles and light fixtures with new acoustical ceiling tiles and LED recessed lighting throughout the baggage claim and ticketing terminals which helped brighten the space tremendously.

Augusta Airport